1. Investments in precious metals, real bullion with certificates are more relevant than ever today: a. — from the manufacturer (Switzerland or Germany); b.- in the name of the acquirer. It is necessary to make purchases in areas where investments of this kind are not subject to VAT. For consultations, please contact us in a timely manner. Please note — no metal bank accounts or purchases through companies will save you in a critical situation. They will save only the real owners of the investment metal — those who have it stored. We give advice and a scheme of actions. All the rights of the buyer of valuable bars, as well as the bars themselves, should belong only to you.

Annual chart of gold prices in Swiss francs

Five-year chart of gold prices in Swiss francs

2. It goes without saying that the investment portfolio of both individuals and legal entities is diversifying, in other words, people tend to have different assets in order to reduce dependence on economic crises, unfortunately inevitable under capitalism. Investments in physical gold and other valuable metals are recommended today by experts for states. Of course, for individuals, the presence of investments in physical precious metals guarantees greater confidence in the future and is recommended in the amount of about 20% of the total value of the investment portfolio.