Why is it desirable to purchase a European house with a garden and without it, an apartment, land for a manor house in Karlovy Vary and from ELENA ESTATE? There are several reasons:

I. Why — the CZECH REPUBLIC and the city of KARLOVY VARY ?

 1. Karlovy Vary is a resort with one of the most developed spa complexes in the world. People come here from different parts of the planet for a unique water treatment, because water plus the environment give a strong energy boost and a desire to work, rejoice, live.

 2. Residence permit – there are several types of entry and it is necessary to talk in order to choose the most appropriate type of filing documents. There are no issues with student visas at all.

 3. Education in the Czech Republic. We are thinking about the future of children.

 Higher education, as well as secondary and preschool education in the Czech Republic, is currently free of charge for foreign students in Czech.

 The training centers at Charles University in Prague are focused on preparing foreign students to study in Czech, and also offer one preparatory program for students who want to continue their studies in the Czech Republic in English, at the Podebrada Training Center. Students who want to study at universities in Czech and pass the entrance exams in Czech, study under the same conditions as Czech students, i.e., currently, free of charge. Of course, the costs of food and accommodation of the student are borne by the student (support of relatives, own or borrowed funds). Dormitories have a good level, you can rent a house in person or in cooperation with someone, it is not always necessary for a student to live in their own housing.

 There are private educational institutions of any level in the Czech Republic, as well as international ones in English. Our company has contact with them.

 The main thing is that it is promising to study in the Czech Republic, since the Czech economy has a higher growth potential compared to the economies of more highly developed countries, and a person with higher education started in the Czech Republic, continued as an improvement in a more economically developed country, can return here and be a very sought-after specialist in the Czech Republic, not to mention the space of the former USSR. There, with proper support, a strong breakthrough is possible for your descendant.

 To be in demand as a first–level specialist - that is, to work with the world's leading experts in any field chosen by a child – that's where you need to strive to bring young people. There is a great danger here – Anglo-Saxon cultures are engaged in recruiting and processing bright heads. Do not forget about this and about the Motherland, as a potentially most fertile field for further work after graduation.

 4. Business conditions in the Czech Republic in general, and in Karlovy Vary especially, are among the most civilized, and the tax grid is friendly, supports business development. Taxes are softer than in Germany, Switzerland, France. Moreover, often we, as entrepreneurs, do not provide jobs with an employment contract, but conclude other agreements (on cooperation, on the provision of services, etc.).

 5. Investments are stimulated.

 6. The cultural affinity of the Russian Federation and the Czech Republic, the similarity of languages and the Slavic roots of peoples are of the greatest importance for a person. In Karlovy Vary, Russian is spoken more often than in any other EU city. Being in Karlovy Vary does not hit a person with a shocking cultural contrast, but gives a gentle rise up in understanding the social environment, cultural norms of behavior in society. This is important at school, at the university, and at the enterprise. People who assimilate fully or partially into more distant cultures experience severe fractures. A person coming to Karlovy Vary avoids this kind of trouble for himself and his family, but on the contrary, understands and accepts many things with pleasure.

 7. A firm and secure legal framework has been created in the Czech Republic. This is very important and distinguishes the Czech Republic from Bulgaria, Turkey, and even Spain, Italy. Low level of corruption among officials, absence of a bureaucratic barrier as such, guaranteed investment protection.

II. Why you need to buy real estate from ELENA ?

 8. The main reason is that we employ not big money lovers, but professionals with long (!) experience. Of course, we have complete information about the real estate market of Karlovy Vary and carry out all types of operations on it. Today we do not place offers of houses, land, apartments and other real estate objects for sale on our pages. Lost time. People often come to us prepared and familiar with the price card. Placing pictures of facades, rooms and grass on the ground is extremely inefficient. Photos give only 50% of the true understanding of the object and add 50% of the false representation. The main importance in choosing the right place, the quality of walls or land, infrastructure, about which no description gives a true idea. Our work is being built individually today: we receive information about the client's tasks and make a package of the most appropriate proposals to his desire. We work with a number of leading developers and network and local players of the Czech real estate market together. We monitor the liquidity of the facilities and guarantee them according to the experience and the situation. We are fully responsible for the unencumbered, clean transactions. By purchasing real estate, a person changes his life, and we strive for these changes to raise him to a higher level socially, culturally, financially, and not drown him in problems. Design, design solutions, reconstruction (from documentation to implementation and delivery), insurance, lending, operation and maintenance — this is ELENA ESTATE. A gallery of our completed projects will soon appear on the website. Our approach is based on many years of experience. Conduct a study of brokerage companies and negotiate with a couple of the ones you like. Don't forget about us. We are ready to provide all the necessary information, resources and win this tender.

And a few more arguments in favor of your choice:

 9. The climate of the CR surprisingly pleased us. There is no killing summer heat (a lot of areas in countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Bulgaria do not have relaxation, and for the absence of damage to health there will have to hide from the heat for a fairly long period of the year), at the same time these countries are a few hours away. There is no Scandinavian rain in the Czech Republic either. There are rains that give a wealth of vegetation and a long growing season. Water – The Czech Republic pays a lot to its purity. There is drinking water in the water supply. Clean air, which in Gogol's way "I want to eat with a spoon, like sour cream." Forests where the beast can sometimes be seen very close and often from afar (roe deer, storks, herons, foxes, wild boars, badgers, hares had to be observed). Martens and roe deer are on my street, despite the fact that I walk to the city center to the theater, concerts, restaurants, etc., and not just sit behind the wheel. This way of life cannot be created in Prague and other wonderful megacities of the EU. Karlovy Vary is a unique city.

 10. In any large city, parents worry about their children almost as much as in Russia. In the resort of Karlovy Vary, crime and the level of man-made danger are minimal. From the age of six, kids go to school on their own, go for a walk, to mugs. All conditions have been created for this. What can we say about how comfortable adults feel in Karlovy Vary, how safe a woman feels when her husband has flown away on business, how easy it is for any family member to move between their homeland and Europe. We see the importance of such opportunities primarily in the fact that often visiting economically, technically, and legally more developed regions, you will be able to work more successfully and competently at home. IT is OUR TASK to remove the burden of questions about the EU and ensure the trouble—free operation of your base in Karlovy Vary. We love and know this area.

 11. Karlovy Vary has its own airport with direct flights to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Samara and other cities of the former Soviet Union. Transport hubs of Prague, Munich, Nuremberg, Dresden are located close to Karlovy Vary.

 12. Driving is a separate fairy tale of Karlovy Vary – quietly, peacefully, on a smooth modern roadbed! In 1 hour 15 minutes I am in Prague, in 2 hours I am in Munich, Nuremberg, Bamberg (Venice of Bavaria), Regensburg. For one and a half – In Weiden, Bayreuth. For four – Dresden, Salzburg. For six – Berlin. Seven – Vienna, Verona. Eight – Milan, Venice, Baden-Baden. And so on!! This will be a surprisingly profitable geo-location for you! In fact, it is the geographical center of the EU.

 13. In many coastal areas of countries that willingly give a residence permit, there is a major minus:

 Seasonality! Not only climatic, but economic seasonality as a consequence. For more than half a year it is empty and there are no people, no movement, no business! Empty offices, public places, closed dark windows... they try to keep quiet about this. The Czech Republic has no seasonality, it moves all year round with slightly different activity, because the climate is good. In the mountains themselves, a 20—minute drive in winter - skiing, running. skiing and all other winter sports. Plus in winter: hunting in excellent forests, spa, tourist trips and everything else all year round.

 14.Czech policy after 2000 is aimed at stability, the best laws of the EU countries are consistently taken as a model in legislation. Relations between Russia and the Czech Republic at this time, plus all of the above and the experience of the last thirty years, give reason to think that real estate has not fallen in price, and will not fall, but will show a small price increase.

 15. Entering the G8 country, get ready for a remarkable test of your intelligence and wallet. When entering a country that dreams of G status, do not expect a high level of life provided there. The Czech Republic and Karlovy Vary in combination with cooperation with us will give you an optimal return on invested resources.

 Лpersonal real estate in Karlovy Vary makes this unique place your reliable foothold in the EU.