Trade cooperation

1.  In connection with the new bans on foreign bank accounts for Russian officials, we advise: do not break up families and do not legally formalize the dissolution of marriage. We have better plans. Зaconno, freely, and most importantly — it is more reliable than giving personal finances to anyone, even to the most trusted person. You can only trust yourself as much as yourself. By doing this, you will protect yourself from possible unjustified pressure from the closest people, for whom you have supposedly done a lot.

2. Our company has the technology to protect an enterprise registered in the Russian Federation and the republics of the former USSR from unfriendly takeovers. "For everything — about everything" it takes from one to two months.  The cost of work is incomparably lower than your possible loss of strength and resources . The best battle is the one that didn't happen. Contact us in a timely manner

3. The V5 Group Int. offers Russian manufacturers access to the EU sales markets from incorporation and certification to points of sale. Contact us via the communication channels in the "Contacts" section.